Guitar Chords

On this page, you will find lessons related to playing chords.

  • Rhythm - Pulse, Meter and Subdivision - Being able to strum effectively requires a sound understanding of the basics of rhythm. This lesson lays it out in a logical way.
  • Strumming and Rhythm - This lesson looks at how strumming and rhythm go hand in hand
  • How To Read Chord Diagrams - Most chords are written out using standard chord diagrams. This lesson explains how to interpret these diagrams.
  • Open Chords for Beginners - This lesson looks at the 15 common open chords that every guitarist should know. It includes a song from the book 'Master Basic Guitar Chords'.
  • Tips on Playing Chords - This lesson looks at how to best practise and make progress with chords.
  • An Introduction to Bar Chords - What are bar chords and how to we play them?
  • Building Chords using Triads - It's easy to play chords without understanding what they actually are or where they come from. This lesson looks at understanding chords by building 'triads'.
  • Chords and Keys - Every key has seven chords. This lesson explores how to figure the chords in any given key.

Chord Library

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