The Short Story

OnlineGuitarBooks.com is run by Genaaron Diamente.

I write guitar books and in-depth lessons that help people play guitar. I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I like poker and practising scales while watching cricket.

I’ve written 10 books, an email guitar course and compiled hundreds of pages of guitar materials.

This is the place where you can access them all.

The Long Story

I started this site in 2010. At the time I was teaching guitar and playing gigs around Melbourne, Australia. The site started out as a simple blog, where I could write my thoughts and ideas about playing guitar.

There was not much direction in the early days and work on the site was sporadic. I wanted to write a comprehensive guide to understanding modes, so I would work on that when I could, without much urgency. I planned to write guitar books, mainly based on material that I wanted to have available to me as a guitar teacher.

The more I added to the site, the more it continued to grow. I started to develop a clear idea of what I wanted the site to become.

I developed a 20-lesson guitar course, where visitors could sign-up to my email newsletter and get 20 in-depth lessons, that would cover a range of topics related to playing the guitar. It was a turning point. The site now had a central focus point, where visitors could get value, just by entering their email address.

I took a break from adding lessons to the site, to focus on writing books. There were 10 books that I wanted to complete. It was pretty ambitious, but with 10 books, I felt I could really offer something unique to visitors looking for guidance. Being a guitar teacher, I was very familiar with the material that students wanted to learn, and what I felt they should learn. The idea of writing 10 books that covered these areas really appealed to me. Most books that I came across often attempted to cover everything at once. Many method books dabbled in reading, chords, scales and more, all at the same time. But what if I could write a book dedicated to sight-reading and another book dedicated to playing chords? And another book for scales, and technical exercises and fingerstyle playing and so on? Then I could offer them all as a package, which I felt would really add value to the guitar community.

A book, be it fictional, educational or otherwise, has a powerful ability to convey an idea, exactly as the author intended. I love the idea of writing books that help and inspire people to play the guitar.

OGB has become a passion and a vehicle for my creativity. The site now has three main core components – materials (chordsscalesarpeggios), lessons and books. Everything is created by me. It has become what I believe to be a valuable resource, and I love the idea of constantly adding more value to the site by adding lessons and books.

If you have any questions or want to get in touch, please email me at the email address below.