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11 Book Bundle

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New Book: Blues Guitar Galore

Blues Guitar Galore has just been released. It is a huge collection of 101 Blues Studies, designed for solo guitar. Check it out here.

  • Learn to read music
  • 296 audio examples
  • 114 pages
  • Master 15 open chords
  • 15 traditional songs with play-along tracks
  • 105 exercises
  • Master 12 essential arpeggios
  • Colourful and engaging diagrams
  • 12 arpeggios based on the CAGED system
  • 101 fun finger exercises
  • Audio examples for each recording
  • Search for exercises based on technical focus
  • 15 fingerstyle guitar pieces
  • Includes well-known classics as well as originals
  • Written in standard notation and guitar tablature
  • Master 22 essential scales
  • Colourful and engaging diagrams
  • 22 scales/modes based on the CAGED system
  • Master chords and strumming with 23 guitar duets
  • Comprehensive lessons on rhythm and strumming
  • Easy to follow chord charts with strumming guides
  • Become a smart guitarist with 20 essential lessons
  • Topics cover scales, chords, improvising, fingerpicking, song writing and much more
  • 267 audio examples
  • 22 fun to play guitar riffs
  • Full tempo and slow tempo play-along tracks
  • Written in standard notation and guitar tablature
  • Improve your right-hand finger picking technique
  • 150 exercises
  • Written in standard notion and guitar tablature