This page provides links to articles and lessons written for beginners.

20 Essential Guitar Lessons for the Smart Guitarist

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Open Chords for Beginners

Playing open chords on the guitar is one of the most basic and fundamental skills. It is one of the first things that the beginner needs to learn and once mastered, it is used constantly throughout different styles and levels.

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An Introduction to Bar Chords

This article makes bar chords seem simple. Bar chords can be a daunting prospect to the beginner.

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How to Strum

This post outlines in very simple terms just what rhythm is and provides a clear guide to approaching one of the most blurry and misunderstood topics on guitar – strumming.

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What is a Major Scale?

Major scales are extremely important from a theoretical and practical perspective. This article addresses the most fundamental question, what is a major scale?

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Intervals on the Guitar

This article looks at intervals on the guitar and provides some ideas for using them and getting to know how they work.

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How to Know Every Note on the Fretboard

There is a finite amount of notes to learn on the fretboard, yet most people never get past the first few frets. This post provides a simple approach to getting to know every note on the guitar.

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