37 Open Chords

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This post includes 37 open chords that are used in the book 'Open Chords Made Easy'. Each chord has a unique number so that you can easily locate a particular chord when playing one of the pieces. This is all explained in the lesson, how to read … [Continue reading]

How To Read Chord Diagrams

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You might already know how to read chord diagrams. If so, you can skip this lesson. However, if you find that interpreting chord diagrams is a bit hit and miss - sometimes you get them right, other times everything is upside-down etc, then you will … [Continue reading]

Save Space With Repeats

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Repeats are used to save space and reduce clutter. Why write something out five times when you can use repeats? In the book 'Open Chords Made Easy', there are multiple types of repeats that are used. The first type of repeat is a symbol that looks … [Continue reading]

How To Read The Strumming Guides And Chord Charts

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Each piece in the book 'Open Chords Made Easy' contains a rhythm guitar part that is divided into two sections: Chord Chart Strumming Guide Chord Charts A chord chart (as seen below) is a standard way of transcribing the chords of a … [Continue reading]

The Relationship Between Rhythm And Strumming

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If you read the previous lesson on the basics of rhythm, you should have a good understanding of what rhythm is and how it relates to the beat and the meter. In this lesson, we are going to explore the relationship between rhythm and … [Continue reading]

Rhythm – Pulse, Meter And Subdivision

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In this first lesson from 'Open Chords Made Easy', we are going to explore what rhythm is. If the concept of rhythm is at all confusing to you, you've come to the right place. This section is a bit lengthy, but I have written it using very simple … [Continue reading]