12 Bar Blues in A – Chord Chart

12 Bar Blues A

The 12 Bar Blues in the key of A contains the chords A7 (I chord), D7 (IV chord) and E7 (V) chord. Below is the 12 Bar Blues starting on A7. 12 Bar Blues in A (Jazz Variation) The Jazz variation of the 12 Bar Blues in A adds some extra chords. The 12 Bar …

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Pedal Bass Blues – New Book Coming Soon

Next week I’ll be releasing a brand new book, featuring 101 Blues studies. I’ve been working on this book for a few years (it turns out it takes a while to put together 101 tunes) and I’m really excited to be sharing it. The following piece is called ‘Pedal Bass Blues’. It features a ‘pedal …

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Minor 11 Blues – From a Book of Blues Jams

The following piece is a Blues jam from an upcoming book, featuring 101 short Blues pieces. It’s called ‘Minor 11 Blues’, featuring, of course the minor 11 chord. Have a look/listen to the video and then try to learn it yourself. Minor 11 Blues – Sheet Music

Home Sweet Home Blues – A Blues Jam in A Major

The following piece is a Blues jam from an upcoming book, featuring 101 short Blues pieces. The book has not been released yet, but you can check out a sample piece below. The following piece is called Home Sweet Home Blues. It’s a Blues jam in the key of A Major. Have a look/listen to …

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Drop 2 Jazz Chords

Drop 2 Major 7 Shapes Cycle

Most people put jazz chords in the too hard basket. After all, jazz is only for the music snobs right? You can’t just go ahead and start playing complex jazz chords without proper training. Right?

It’s true that there is a rough order that most guitarists follow when learning chords. Most guitarists learn open chords first, then barre chords, before moving onto Jazz chords. But jazz chords are just like anything else. There is a bit of theory that usually accompanies jazz chord learning, and knowledge of the notes along the fretboard is also important, but jazz chords can be learnt as systematically as anything else.

This lesson is part of a series of lessons on chords. If you want to go back and brush up on basic chord theory, you can start from the first lesson and work your way up to this lesson. However, this lesson is also designed to be a stand-alone lesson, so if you’re feeling confident and want to jump right in, keep going.

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