Romance – Tabs and Sheet Music for Guitar

Romance is one of the most iconic and well-known classical guitar pieces that exists. No one knows who composed the song, which adds to its mystique. It is one of those pieces that every guitarist learns at some stage.

One of the reasons why it is such a good piece to learn, is that the right-hand finger pattern remains consistent throughout the entire piece. If you isolate the right hand, it seems like a fingerpicking technical exercise. In fact, I often give this piece to students and tell them to only focus on the first two bars for a week or two. If you can play the first two bars, you can play the whole piece (from a right-hand perspective).

The piece itself has two sections. The first section, in E minor, is significantly easier than the second section, because it uses mostly open strings, with the melody being fretted on the first string.

The second section (in E Major) is much harder, and includes a series of difficult shapes.

The great thing about Romance, is that the first section works as a piece of music by itself. If you learn the first section and find the second section too difficult, you can simply play the first section and it will sound like a finished (but short) piece of music.

Romance Full Version

Below is the full arrangement of Romance, written with both guitar tablature and musical notation.

Romance Guitar Tabs - Page 1
Romance Guitar Tabs -Page 2

Romance Easy Version

Below is an simplified version of Romance. Even though the first section of the original Romance arrangement is a relatively easy piece, it does contain some slightly difficult barring. This version contains a simplified arrangement of the first section, without any difficult shapes.

Romance Easy Tabs for Guitar

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