Classical and Fingerstyle Guitar Songs – Tabs and Sheet Music

On this page, you will find links to classical and fingerstyle songs that you can view and learn.

Classical and fingerstyle songs can be supremely rewarding and enjoyable. Often, as guitarists, we focus on learning materials and techniques that we can use in combination with other instruments. We learn chords (most often) so that we can strum along to songs that have lyrics. We learn scales so that we can build lead solos and explore theory. We learn fun to play riffs.

But classical and fingerstyle songs can exist in their own right, without the need for any accompaniment or musical context. They’re often musical arrangements, designed for solo guitar.

There’s something awesome about learning a classical piece of music and being able to play it from start to finish, as a complete and self-standing piece of music.

The Power of the Fingerstyle Technique

By using our right-hand fingers (as opposed to a pick), we have access to certain techniques that are not possible when using a pick. For example, we can play a bass note with our thumb (for example on the 6th string), while also playing a high-pitched melodic note with one of our fingers (for example on the 1st string). This is not possible to do when using a pick. We can also do these things while also playing harmonic notes with our other fingers. In short, the finger style technique allows us to play multiple parts (bass, melody, harmony), simultaneously, using our thumb and fingers.

Fingerstyle Basics

If you want an introduction lesson to how fingerstyle guitar works, check out the lesson on fingerstyle basics. This will guide you through how to use the right-hand fingers when playing guitar.

A List of Classical and Fingerstyle Songs

Click on any of the following links to view the tabs and sheet music.

  • Romance – This is one of the most iconic and recognised classical guitar pieces of all time.

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