Lessons From The Book ‘Open Chords Made Easy’

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I’m going to release a bunch of lessons on this blog from the book ‘Open Chords Made Easy‘.

The book includes a collection of 23 guitar pieces, written to help students work through different chord progressions and strumming patterns. The pieces of music are really only one part of the book though. The other part is the theory and explanations on how to play chords and how to strum.

I figure that the theory side of things would be a great thing to include on this blog, as it contains a lot of fundamental lessons on rhythm and practice. The lessons will be adapted and modified slightly to fit the style of this blog, but they will be more or less direct lessons from the blog.

This page will serve as a sort of index that will contain links to all the lessons in the series. The links will be updated as the lessons are added.

The Lessons


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