A Dream’s Embrace (Chord Study and Melody)

This piece is from the book ‘open chords made easy‘. If you have read the extracted lessons from the book, you should be able to read and play the piece.

This piece contains a chord chart and strumming guide.

The melody has also been included, although this is effectively a bonus and is not related to the lessons in this series.

Here is a recording of the piece. Have a listen and then try to learn to play it.

Chord Chart

To play this piece, you need to know the following chords (click here to open up another page with chord diagrams):

Em (*28), Dsus2 (*23), Cmaj7 (*13), C (*12), D (*18)

A Dreams Embrace Chords

Strumming Guide




A Dreams Embrace Melody

This lesson is an adapted lesson from the ‘Open Chords Made Easy’ book. You can view the index of lessons from this series here, or purchase the book itself from here.

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