Guitar Literacy – Extra Lessons

The following are links to lessons that can be used with the book ‘Guitar Literacy’. The first list of lessons are fundamental lessons. They are ‘things that you should know’ before working your way through the book. The second list of lessons are supplementary lessons – optional further reading about topics covered in the book such as scales and intervals.

Fundamental Lessons

Parts Of The Guitar

Before you learn to play a note on the guitar, you should learn about the different parts that make up the guitar. This lesson walks you through the different parts of the guitar and what they do.

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How To Read Tabs

Although ‘Guitar Literacy’ is focused on reading standard music notation, guitar tablature is sometimes used as a reference point (when learning new notes for example). Guitar tabs only take a few minutes to learn cant can be very useful. Learn about them here.

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Pointers On Technique

This lesson goes through the basics of playing notes with good technique. It includes some technical exercises to work on as well.

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How To Tune Your Guitar

If your guitar is out of tune, you might as well not play it! Learn how to tune your guitar using a tuner.

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Supplementary Lessons

Basic Intervals

You need to be familiar with intervals if you want to understand more advanced concepts such as scales. This lesson looks at the basic intervals of tones and semitones.

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The Musical Alphabet

What notes are available to us on the guitar? This lesson looks at the ‘musical alphabet’. This lesson is particularly helpful if you have reached the section of the book about sharps and flats.

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Building Scales

Scales are a very important part of learning guitar and music in general. Learn how to construct them here, using basic intervals.

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The Major Scale

What is the major scale and why is it so important? This lesson will be particularly helpful when you reach the section of the book about key signatures.

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Large Intervals

Playing open chords on the guitar is one of the most basic and fundamental skills. It is one of the first things that the beginner needs to learn and once mastered, it is used constantly throughout different styles and levels.

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Chord Lessons

‘Guitar Literacy’ doesn’t focus on chord playing, as this should be worked on separately. This page contains links to everything you need in order to start playing chords and putting them to use with strumming.

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