Fingerstyle Guitar Volume 1 – Supplementary Lessons

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Here you will find supplementary lessons for the book Fingerstyle Guitar Volume 1.

The book itself contains 15 pieces for solo guitar. There are some fundamental concepts that it is assumed you know, before playing the pieces, such as how to read standard notation or tablature, and the basic technique of  fingerstyle. Use the links below if you need to familiarise yourself with these topics or simply need to brush up on a few things.

How To Read Tabs
How to read guitar tablature. If you can’t read standard notation, you can learn to read ‘tabs’ in one sitting. It’s very easy.

How To Read Music
The pieces in the book are written in both standard notation and tabs. It takes longer to learn how to read standard notation, but it’s worth doing so. This two-part lesson will get you started.

How to Read Music Part 2
The second lesson on how to read music.

Using Your Fingers
If you are unfamiliar with the fingerstyle technique, read this lesson.

How To Read Repeats
The book uses repeats signs. They’re pretty easy to follow but you may need to read up on how they work before playing the songs in the book.