Fm/C Chord (F minor Over C) – 10 Ways to Play on the Guitar

The Fm/C chord is an F minor chord, with the C (the 5th) as the bass note.

The F minor chord itself has a dark, melancholy sound. Playing the 5th of the chord (in the case of Fm, the 5th is C) as the bass note, can make the chord sound even more dark and dramatic, even if it is only a subtle difference.

The chord is also referred to as F minor over C, or Fm ‘slash’ C, or simply, F minor with a C in the bass.

Technically, the F minor chord with the C in the bass is a second inversion F minor chord.

Some Fm/C Chord Theory and Info

  • The Fm/C chord contains the notes C, F and Ab.
  • It is an F minor chord with a C in the bass.
  • The root note of Fm/C is F, the bass note is C.

10 Ways to Play the Fm/C Chord on Guitar

F minor Over C Chord

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