Bm/F# Chord (B minor Over F#) – 10 Ways to Play on the Guitar

The Bm/F# chord is a B minor chord, with the F# (the 5th) as the bass note.

The B minor chord itself has a dark, melancholy sound. Playing the 5th of the chord (in the case of Bm, the 5th is F#) as the bass note, can make the chord sound even more dark and dramatic, even if it is only a subtle difference.

The chord is also referred to as B minor over F#, or Bm ‘slash’ F#, or simply, B minor with an F sharp in the bass.

Technically, the B minor chord with the F# in the bass is a second inversion B minor chord.

Some Bm/F# Chord Theory and Info

  • The Bm/F# chord contains the notes F#, B and D.
  • It is an B minor chord with an F# in the bass.
  • The root note of Bm/F# is B, the bass note is F#.

10 Ways to Play the Bm/F# Chord on Guitar

B minor Over F Sharp Chord

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