12 Bar Blues in A# (A Sharp) – Chord Chart

The 12 Bar Blues in A# contains the chords A#7 (I chord), D#7 (IV chord) and E#7 (V chord), which is the same as F7. Below is the 12 Bar Blues starting on A#7.

12 Bar Blues A Sharp

12 Bar Blues in A#7 (Jazz Variation)

The Jazz variation of the 12 Bar Blues in A sharp adds some extra chords. The 12 Bar Blues structure remains the same, but certain chords are substituted. For example, the A#7 chord in the fourth bar is substituted with an E#m7 moving to an A#7 chord.

In the example below, certain chords have been renamed to their more common, harmonic equivalent. For example, technically in bar 8, there should be a Cxm7 (C double sharp minor 7), followed by an Fx7 (F double sharp 7). Although technically correct, these labels are a little bit awkward and impractical, so they have been replaced with their more common equivalents.

12 Bar Blues A Sharp Jazz Version

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