42 Unique Ways To Play 1 Chord

In this lesson we’re going to explore how you can take one chord and play it in many different unique ways. In the previous lesson on triads and inversions, we learned how to form the major and minor triad and play inversions on the first three strings. You can read that lesson here. Here’s a brief summary of that lesson. The Major Triad The Major triad is made up of the 1, 3 and 5 of the major scale. For example, the C Major triad contains the following notes: C - E - G The minor triad is made up of the 1, b3 and 5 of the major scale. For example, the C minor triad contains the … [Read more...]

How to know every note on the fretboard

One of the easiest things to master on the guitar is knowledge of notes on each fret and string. The strange thing is that while it may be one of the easiest things to master, most guitarists wait until they are a fair way into their guitar progress before making sure they know all the notes (actually some people never learn them at all). Perhaps the reliance on tabs (a very useful tool) has spawned a league of guitarists that place little importance on knowing the fretboard. 'Knowing your notes' is a very important skill to have. As I mentioned earlier, it is easy, but not only that, you … [Read more...]