Intermediate and Advanced Guitar Lessons

This page provides links to articles and lessons written for intermediate to advanced guitarists. 


Guitar Modes Explained

This is currently a feature lesson on this site. Guitar Modes Explained is a comprehensive guide to understanding and playing modes on the guitar.

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Chord Construction on Guitar

What are chords? How are the constructed? What do the different names mean? This article sheds some light on the concept.

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Complete Guide to Major Scales

This article provides links to major scales in every key and every position on the guitar.

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Scales and Patterns

Using patterns is a great way to master scales. This post demonstrates the use of a pattern within a scale and provides examples.

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Functional Harmony

This lesson looks at functional harmony and the relationship between chords and modes.

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How To Use Guitar Modes

Understanding and playing modes confidently is a big challenge. Using them in a musical situation is another challenge altogether. This lesson looks at how to use the appropriate mode over chord progressions.

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