Master Basic Guitar Chords – Supplementary Lessons


Here you will find a bunch of helpful lessons that compliment the book Master Basic Guitar Chords.

The lessons include fundamental things that you should know before using the book, as well as other lessons that you may find useful.

How To Read Chord Diagrams
If you’ve never read chord diagrams before, or aren’t confident in doing so, read this comprehensive lesson on why chords are important and how to read chord diagrams.

Strumming And Rhythm
This is a lesson that explains the basics of rhythm and how it relates to strumming on the guitar.

How To Read Repeats
The book uses repeats signs. They’re pretty easy to follow but you may need to read up on how they work before playing the songs in the book.

Extra Lessons On Chords And Strumming
Here are nine lessons from the book, ‘Open Chords Made Easy’, which is a book for chord songs, with a strong focus on strumming and rhythm. If you want some more advanced lessons on strumming, check out these free lessons.