Master Basic Guitar Chords Book

Master Basic Guitar Chords

Master 15 basic guitar chords with 15 traditional songs and 105 exercises.

Master 15 Chords With 15 Songs

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If you can play the 15 most common chords, and change between them easily, you have the ability to play thousands and thousands of songs. How should you go about mastering these 15 chords? By playing songs and exercises.

‘Master Basic Guitar Chords’ is a book that contains 15 traditional songs, re-written and recorded, as well as 105 exercises. By the time you have played through this book, you will have played each chord many times over and will be confident with the 15 most common open chords that you need to know.[/text_block]

Peek Inside

Have A Listen

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Have a listen to two of the play-along tracks (‘Hard Times Come Again No More’ and ‘In The Pines’).[/text_block]

What You Get

  • 15 traditional songs, using only 15 chords
  • Play-along tracks for each song
  • 105 two-chord exercises so that you can work on every chord change possible
  • A pathway to mastering open chords
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