Guitar Literacy (Sample)

Reading Music Is Easy

Learning to read music isn’t hard, yet many people avoid it because they think of it as a mysterious code that needs to be studied intensely for years. They’d rather just play the guitar.

But it doesn’t need to be this way. Learning to read music is just like learning to read a language. It takes time and practice, but it isn’t complicated.

The best way to learn is to play through a series of exercises that get progressively harder and introduce new notes and concepts along the way. That’s what this book does.

Guitar Literacy

Guitar Literacy is a book that will guide you from your first clapping exercise to reading pieces of music using all the notes available in the first position.

There are over 200 exercises and pieces, and almost 300 audio examples and play-along tracks. If you want to learn how to read music, this book is what you need.

Download the First 30 Pages

For a limited amount of time, the first 30 pages of Guitar Literacy is available for you to download. Download the eBook and get reading!

There is a link to the audio files in the first few pages of the eBook. Don’t forget to download them!

Click here to download Guitar Literacy (sample).