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Blues Guitar Galore

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]This book is a collection of 101 Blues studies for solo guitar.

I don’t claim to be an expert or authority on the style of Blues. Like most guitarists, I am a fan and lifelong student. Blues music is arguably the most important and foundational style for contemporary guitarists to study and emulate. To learn the Blues is to learn technique, rhythm and feel. To learn the Blues is to learn Jazz, Pop, Rock and everything in between.
There are countless books and resources dedicated to learning the Blues. One can easily find transcriptions of solos, libraries of licks and method books. But what is not as abundantly available are stand-alone Blues pieces.

I took inspiration from the canon of Classical guitar music that has existed for over one hundred years. Classical (or Fingerstyle) guitarists have access to countless etudes and studies that they can learn and enjoy from an early stage. Pieces that sound full and complete by themselves and without the need for additional instruments or vocals. I wanted to create a collection of material with a similar purpose, but for Blues guitar.

All of the pieces in this book have been composed for solo guitar. They also work with accompaniment, but it is not required. The recordings that accompany this book are recordings of one guitar.

The 101 pieces are arranged in no particular order. The level of difficulty varies from piece to piece and there is a range of different styles and techniques woven throughout the studies. Each piece includes a brief introduction that outlines specific techniques, challenges and compositional artefacts.

I hope this book helps you along your guitar journey. More than anything, I hope you enjoy learning and listening to the 101 compositions contained within.[/text_block]

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What You Get

  • A 160-page eBook with 101 Blues studies
  • 101 demo audio tracks
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