The Guitar Arpeggios Handbook – Supplementary Lessons


Here you will find supplementary lessons for the book The Guitar Arpeggios Handbook.

The book is made up of diagrams using the CAGED system, for 12 arpeggios.

It is assumed that you already know certain concepts such as how to interpret arpeggio/scale diagrams and the importance of the CAGED system.

If you need to familiarise yourself with any of these concepts, here are links to individual lessons.

How To Read Arpeggio/Scale Diagrams
This lesson explains how to read arpeggio and scale diagrams. While the lesson focuses on scales, the same principles are used for reading arpeggio diagrams.

The importance of the CAGED system
One the guitar, we learn arpeggios and scales in five positions along the fretboard. This is often referred to as the CAGED system. This lesson explores what the CAGED system is and why it’s used.

Practising Arpeggios/Scales While Staying In One Position
An important lesson on practising arpeggios and scales in one position.

The Arpeggios Page
This is the main arpeggios page of the website, where you can find links to arpeggios in individual keys.

The Importance Of Arpeggios
A general lesson on what arpeggios are, how they’re used and how they can help us understand chords.

Arpeggios And CAGED
A lesson that explores the CAGED system with arpeggios in mind.