Major and Minor Pentatonic Shape Illustrations

This is a short post that will include illustrations of major and minor pentatonic scales. I've already posted about the importance of major and minor pentatonic scales, so there's no need to recycle that material. Most of the lessons in the scales section of this site includes detailed descriptions of many scales, including notation, tablature and diagrams. … [Read more...]

Major And Minor Pentatonic Scales On The Guitar

Pentatonic scales are widely used scales on the guitar. They are hugely popular mainly because they are quite easy to play and are very easy to use in a musical situation right from the start. Something about pentatonic scales just 'sounds good'. Used in the right context, it's almost impossible to make them sound bad or unusual. This means that they are often one of the first scales that guitarists learn and use in their playing. As the name suggests, a pentatonic scale is a 5-note scale. The two most common pentatonic scales are the major pentatonic and minor pentatonic scales. In this … [Read more...]