How Well Do You Know Major Scales?

I’ve written about the importance of knowing major scales. So much of theory (chords, scales, etc. etc.) relies on a sound knowledge of major scales. While a lot has been written on being able to play major scales up and down the neck in different positions and keys, a very effect way of learning major scales from a knowledge point of view is to learn all 12 major scales in the open position. Playing scales in the open position is often seen as a beginner’s approach to scales. While this is somewhat true, it’s important to realize that playing scales in the open position can be sometimes … [Read more...]

A Complete Guide To Major Scales On The Guitar

Major scales are one of the most fundamental tools, both from a practical and theoretical perspective on the guitar. From a technical point of view, being able to play every major scale in any position on the guitar gives you great access and control over the fretboard. From a theoretical point of view, major scales are the cornerstone for much theory relating to soloing, composition, chord construction and the formation of other scales. When you construct chords, you are actually using the notes from a major scale to do so. For example, to play an F major chord, you need to use the 1st, … [Read more...]