Playing And Understanding Bar Chords

Once you have gained confidence playing open chords, the next thing to tackle in the chord department is Bar Chords. Bar chords are a very powerful and useful tool on the guitar. A bar chord involves 'barring' a finger (usually the 1st) so that the one finger is playing multiple strings at once. Because bar chords contain no open notes, they are movable up and down the fretboard. This means that if you learn to play a major shape (for example), you can play it in as many different positions as possible. The hand strength required to play bar chords is much more than for open chords, so at … [Read more...]

Guitar Chords For Beginners

Learning Chords all over the neck of the guitar is an endless pursuit and can take a life time to master. There is almost an infinite amount of voicings, combinations etc that can be constructed to produce chords. Luckily, if you are starting out, you can get by with only¬† a few chords. Of course the time will come when you will no doubt want to branch out and learn some more, but I would say that 90 percent of songs in the mainstream use about 10 percent of chords available, which means that you should focus on learning the main ones to start with. … [Read more...]