For some, this may be a very basic topic. For others, the concept may have been discarded under the category of 'boring musical theory'. Some people might be quite familiar with the sound of a major scale, they may even know how to play it in one or two positions, but may not actually know what it fundamentally is. Being familiar and comfortable with major scales in practice and theory is a very important tool on every instrument, including guitar. Launching into more exotic scales and modes, such as Dorian flat 2 and Lydian Augmented is not going to make much sense without first grasping the … [Read more...]

Finger Exercises For Guitar

Finger exercises are a great way to improve the strength of your hands for guitar playing. There are many finger exercises that you can do for both hands, especially the left hand. Although it's great to study and play as much material as you can, the good thing about finger exercises is that you can make up your own. … [Read more...]

How to know every note on the fretboard

One of the easiest things to master on the guitar is knowledge of notes on each fret and string. The strange thing is that while it may be one of the easiest things to master, most guitarists wait until they are a fair way into their guitar progress before making sure they know all the notes (actually some people never learn them at all). Perhaps the reliance on tabs (a very useful tool) has spawned a league of guitarists that place little importance on knowing the fretboard. 'Knowing your notes' is a very important skill to have. As I mentioned earlier, it is easy, but not only that, you … [Read more...]

Practicing slow vs practicing fast

A common question that seems to arise again and again amongst my students is this: "Should I practice slowly or should I practice quickly"? Usually the student is struggling with a certain technical challenge, such as a chord change or a picking exercise etc. A common answer to this question is simply to practice slowly and work your way up, until you can play the passage or movement at your desired speed. To be honest, I don't think this is the ideal way. I think the answer is not always to practice slow, or fast, but both. Simply put, both methods focus on different areas, but both are … [Read more...]