Finger Exercises For Guitar

Finger exercises are a great way to improve the strength of your hands for guitar playing. There are many finger exercises that you can do for both hands, especially the left hand. Although it’s great to study and play as much material as you can, the good thing about finger exercises is that you can make up your own. Since they are a physical challenge, they don’t even have to sound good musically. For example, perhaps you are having trouble playing phrases that require pull offs with your 4th finger (pinky). A very simple exercise would be to pull off from the 4th fret with your 4th finger to the 3rd fret with your 3rd finger on the 1st String (E). This is just one example. You could move this up the neck so that you are now moving from the 10th fret to the 9th. Or 7th to 6th. Then you could change strings. Or do one repetition on the 3rd string and 1 on the 4th string. As you can see, there are literally an infinite amount of possibilities and you should encourage yourself to be creative and try to make some up yourself. Often when they come from your own brain, they have more meaning and therefor produce greater results!


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